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Who is yulia volkova dating

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I was superwaizer of special ffects in many other film and I understand how important is every small detail. Many other don't know how to do these things and they can't find contact with each other and the result of it can be terrible.

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"There can me totally horror movies, there can me just some action, comedies or trash movies. Now i understand mom was right, its good to be alone or with family and analyze your life. They love me how I am and support me in all my starts. She take cares of us all, but it is not simple especially with me and my personality. Parents come and I am leaving, However, I do not want to put my problems on them. Last month of autumn, Saturday morning, sport complex in one of the quiet regions of capital. They can't go inside of the club because of tons of journalists and media people around. There we see same same strange situation - it's too late to think about sport for these sportive people. What do they say “Why do you do this, don’t do such things”? In this marriage Volkova, already mother of two children, hopes to fulfill her dream - to become the mother of five heirs. Julia's record label Gala Records published news about her performance in Moscow. Now when we know this all we also would like to understand stories of mail heroes but produsers say nothing about.

They have give us some general phrases about growing up a main hero from small boy into real man.

The singer already has a 7-years-old daughter, Viktoria, with Pavl Sidorov, and a 4-years-old son Samir, with Parviz Yasinov.

They get along very well, yet Vadim has said he wants them to have their own kids.

During the concerts Volkova accompanied by bright live accompaniment. It was probably vulgar and risky, but people paid attention.

Numerous admirers have met with pleasure the returning of the singer and its first single «All because of you» / «I Will shift the world».

Julia Volkova has become famous as a part of the duet «t. T.u.» — the first russian group of the world which has broken up in 2008.