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What I've learned to do is completely ignore that"."My job in my band or in a creative situation is a totally different thing."So I put the phone down and I started playing something like, BOOSH-bat-bat, BOOSH-BOOSH-BOOSH-bat, and I went back to the phone and I said, 'Can you hear that?

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I saw Al Foster play quite a bit, Billy Hart, Jack De Johnette.But I've also encountered prejudice against my musical opinions.The only Kravitz song that Blackman recorded in the studio is "Straight Cold Player" from the album 5."I looked for Art Blakey, I looked for Elvin [Jones], I looked for Philly Joe Jones, for Roy Haynes, for Tony Williams."When I was shown that the drummers on these records were playing independently with all four limbs, I was like: 'Really?!I saw so many great drummers, like Ed Blackwell and Billy Higgins, Louis Hayes.All these people, they're in New York so I got a chance to watch them do their thing".

I ended up playing and instead of staying for one or two days, I stayed for two weeks and did the first video that I did with him, "Are You Gonna Go My Way"."I'm a black woman, so I've encountered racial prejudice, and I've encountered gender prejudice.

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While I'm downstairs waiting for the instruments to come from the studio, these people started coming in.

Apart from 2004, I played with him ever since." "The first time I played in a really large concert with Lenny was at an outdoor festival called Pinkpop.

You can't help but have a better feel when the musicians know each other, are headed in the same direction, and have the same goals.