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Brian harrah dating

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HWP had just recently decided to call it quits and Schartoff approached Harrah about a new project he had been quietly working on for a year or so.This project would become what was known as Professional Murder Music.

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In October of 1997, Harrah was offered yet another audition with the Los Angeles Noise Records recording artists Tura Satana.By the age of 17, Harrah was regularly playing local bars in different bands and learning the ropes.In the year 1993, Harrah relocated to Northern California and took in a whole new music scene and attitude that was completely foreign to him.They The Manual are an instrumental band based on 10 years of friendship through all the members of the band.“My whole life I have been trying to write music that was measured by emotion and feeling rather than how many crazy metal guitar lines I could play.Having come to the boiling point of frustration with the Nor Cal Scene, Harrah packed his bags and headed to LA for the audition.

Within 2 days he was asked to join Tura Satana’s upcoming European tour in which he had 11 days to learn a 14 song set.

Listening to bands like Neurosis and The Cure again, Harrah rediscovered his passion and lust for creating emotionally driven music.

Since 2004, Harrah has been involved in such bands as The Mercy Clinic and an instrumental project called, They The Manual.

The band was also given the Spirit of Independence award by Kerrrang in 1998.

Upon returning home, Harrah was asked to become a permanent member of the band and happily accepted.

and shared the stage alongside such other acts such as Fear Factory, Rammstein, Staind, Cold, and Powerman 5000.