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PR couples don’t have to literally expose their lives 24/7, do they? Hiddleswift was the only one I’ve seen that staged pics all the time, everywhere they went to earlier this year LOL and they obviously had to end their contract sooner than expected.Cavill and Cuoco lasted a short period of time too because they were ridiculously fake.

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Online dating is now widely accepted as a valid, convenient & fun way of meeting like-minded people.Besides, I never saw images of WG in Italy with Grandpa and they didn’t arrive together at that airport either :)Ps: I have my doubts about Uruguay really.Only she talked about it and when she did she said she “thought” she had kissed him. You kiss or you don’t kiss someone, she seemed to be lying as usual, that’s why she hesitated.:) they supposedly spent new year together in Uruguay last year.Maybe, they stopped in Costa Rica last year, i dont know i am just speculating.Career wise, similar to Fassy, 2016 wasn't his best year: The Promise was receiving mixed/poor reviews, X-Men: Apocalypse was atrocious (and a waste of his talent). Personality wise, Isaac is consistently so damn charming and charismatic :) Fassy has his moments, but they haven't been noticeable recently :/ I love him :) He’s very talented, not only in terms of acting but music wise, his career is doing pretty well too.

XMA was a mess and The Promise flopped but he has Poe in Star Wars.

New Zealanders using have found meeting people online is more convenient and comfortable than through 'normal' offline channels such as bars and parties.

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